Lily's House

Lily's House
WELCOME TO MY BLOG! I am glad you found me because I hope I can be helpful or at least interesting for you to follow, be you a gardener yourself or just watching vicariously.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Diary 3/25/15

Last year, I bought two bushes that I have always wanted in my garden. I was pleasantly surprised to find them each in full bloom. Like a proud mother, I will show them off here! I have had the Flowering Quince for a long time. I brought it up from a homestead on the creek. The Forsythia is one of the new ones. I planted one bush a long time ago, but I put it in the wrong place and it was run over by a bulldozer before I could move it...The Daphne is one of the best smelling flowers I know of and I visit it everyday for a whiff. I may clip a branch for the house if I think it can spare one.
Flowering Quince



Monday, March 23, 2015

Diary 3/23/15

Home from a visit to Northern California to see old friends; friends that we have known for forty years and that are old! Anyway, it was a good trip and included a visit to where we were married 37 years ago. Lily's garden was so lush and beautiful though even there they are facing drought. For these days it was spectacular!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Diary 3/15/15

Went down to Elk Creek a day ago and was pleasantly surprised to spot a new beach on the corner.
It looks like as the water goes down, more and more sand will be exposed. Hopefully there will still be some water flowing. The creek looks like it might at the end of May rather than the middle of March. We did get .8 inch last night, but then it is clearing and due to go back to sunny weather for the rest of the week. Summer has the chance of being the driest ever.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wildflowers in the Sonoran Desert, Diary 3/12/15

Back from Southern Arizona where wildflowers were just beginning to put on quite  show. The green lawn and blooming plum trees were nice to come home to. The desert has a unique beauty that wandering through it has cultivated in me.

I love it in short spurts.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Diary 3/2/15

Planted 50 new TriStar strawberry plants yesterday in the newly cleaned up bed. Also stuck in some Romaine lettuce and broccoli since mine were just poking the first leaves out of the soil. Snow peas are up, so all is on schedule. So nice to go into cleaned up greenhouses, thanks to those wonderful wwoofers who have moved on to a winery in Washington :(. Southern sojourn for me. Will post if I can.
This guy came out to noisily announce a nice day. Watch out for bass, buddy.
Shoulder getting better everyday, but still stiff at times. More nice weather ahead, so plums will continue to bloom, but with 24 degree nights, don't know how many fruits can actually set.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Diary 2/27/15

Well, our two weeks with the five star wwoofers comes to a close tomorrow.

We have had a productive two weeks; gathering firewood, cleaning greenhouses, cleaning and composting around the red raspberries, sightseeing, and enjoying each others cultures( making empenadas). All in all, a wonderful visit for us!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Random egg facts: Diary 2/21/15

Some egg facts: When putting eggs into a carton for storage, always put then point down. This way, the bubble on the inside of the shell will be open to air and the egg will stay fresh longer. If trying to pick eggs to put under a broody hen, the more pointy ones will be roosters 8 times out of 10. So if you want hens, pick the roundest eggs to put under your mother hen. Want to know if your eggs are fresh? Float them in a glass of water. Fresh eggs will drop to the bottom. Older eggs that are building up gas will bob up and down.